If youíve got a cool design, please zip it up email it to me and Iíll put it in the gallery. Unfortunately there wonít be a prize for any that are shown, but Iíll give you full credit for it.


If youíve got a cool idea for a skin, please email me with it, and Iíll do my best to put it into effect. No promises, but Iíll let you know what I think of the idea, and get round to it as time permits.


Current Stock


Individual Skins

  • Silver Y - 6 skins
  • Moon Moth - 5 skins
  • NeoTiger - 12 skins
  • Hawk - 6 skins
  • Deathís Head - 6 skins
  • Swallow - 8 skins
  • Police L2000 - 9 skins

    Complete Sets

  • World War II Set 1 - 7 skins
  • World War II Set 2 - 7 skins
  • C 20th Art - 7 skins

    If youíve never used a custom Moth skin before, itís very simple. Hereís how to do it...


  • Download the zipped skin file.
  • Extract the bmp file using WinZip or similar.
  • Copy the file to a convenient location.
  • Start Hardwar (must be U2.02 or above).
  • Select the Moths tab.
  • Select the Moth type you want to change.
  • Find the bmp file.
  • The skin should now appear in the offline game.

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