Battleship or sitting-duck? That’s the choice you have to make about the Death’s Head. I rather like them, though that’s mainly nostalgia. I did a lot of my early bounty-hunting in one. I still take it out for the occasional spin and fire off a few missiles. Mine’s got an afterburner now, otherwise I wouldn’t dare...




A new and subtle camouflage pattern in pinks and blues. It grows on you. It really does.


Menacing and gray, this is a true assassins moth. The Chinese character means “Death”.


Red Dragon


A true classic from the Kronos stable. All black, with flames and a dragon motif. The true psycho’s moth.


Another subtle design. This is very loosely based on a mathematical pattern. Don’t worry, you can’t tell.




My first ever Death’s Head Moth. The pattern is based on the insect of the same name. One for all you entomologists out there...


This started out as metallic effect paint-job, but ended up as something rather different... Still, I rather like it.

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