Some people might say that a custom paint job on a Silver Y is purely for boy-racers. I can't agree with that. An attractively re-sprayed Y is a joy to behold, through your sights, as you open up with your plasma kannon.


General Lee


We have to weld the doors shut to do it this one, so itís only suitable if you donít mind using the window. Still, itís a bit of a classic


A good basic combat design for the Y. People really do use these for combat!




A popular budget Y design incorporating the Silver Y emblem. It looks rather smart, if a Y can ever be called smart that is.


My first ever Moth design, and still a favourite. Itís based on an Old Earth camouflage pattern.




A very recent addition to my Silver Y designs. Itís great for sneaking around in at night, one for all you scavengers out there!


My latest Silver Y design - and very distinctive it is too. Most of the customers for this one come directly from Kronos Recreational Chemicals.


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