The Swallow is my personal favourite. Fast, maneuverable, and with great hauling power. I got this business going by building fusion cells and trading them in my custom Swallow. With 30 of those on board you really need holograms, a full set of countermeasures and an afterburner. It was scary stuff, being targeted by everyone, but the profits... Ah, Iím retreating into my anecdotage so Iíd better stop before I bore you any further.

Anyway, weíve got some top designs, for a top moth.

P.S. The only people who need turrets canít shoot straight.


Silver Swallow


A brand new design in silver and chrome. Itís got class by the largest-pod load and is my current Moth of choice.


A classic 20th Century Design. I keep one of these in the private hangar for special occasions.



Blaze 4

The perfect daytime complement to the Blaze 4, the Day Swallow is another classic Kronos design.


A Kronos favourite - ideal for night-ops. Itís based upon a painting by Bridget Riley.


D Fly


Like my Real Deathís Head, this is based upon an Old Earth insect. This time a dragonfly.


A new design, and yet another based upon a Bridget Riley picture. This one isnít quite as understated though.


Red & Blue

Star Swallow

A very recent Swallow design, and the ideal pimp-rig for the pilot with nothing to fear. A girlie picture completes the effect.


Incorporating a starfield and some pretty garish detailing, this is my latest swallow design - and the last to incorporate solar cells.


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