Itís a well documented fact around here, that Iím a huge fan of Twentieth Century designs. After two series on World War II, a series based upon Twentieth Century art seemed overdue. Well, here it is. Seven skins, each based upon a particular picture.

You may notice that none of these designs incorporate solar panels. Iíve decided that now fusion cells are almost commonplace, it seems wise to move with the times.


Summertime Silver Y

Broadway Moon Moth

Jackson Pollock


Piet Mondrian


Wham NeoTiger

Modif Hawk

Roy Lichtenstein


Wasily Kandinsky


Guernica Deathís Head

Metamorph 2 Swallow

Pablo Picasso


M C Escher


Marilyn L2000

Andy Warhol




Download the Whole Set

(1.91 Mb)

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