Iíve got a Police Moth at the back of the hangar somewhere. I like to take it out and get into fights around my repair yards. I canít take it too seriously though, because itís such a dog with a pod, though If itís fighting rather than profit that motivates you, then Iím sure this collection of L2000s should give you all the encouragement you need.



Blue Cop

A new design. Different metallic effects have been used to give a rather curious looking moth. We had a lot of ex metals in that week.


My latest L2000 design, and another Moth for the Police. Ideal for those who believe the boys in blue, should be in blue.

Gold Cop

Purple Cop

My first L2000 design - and still popular with Titanís law enforcement community.


An alternative design for Mis-Opís finest. This oneís ever so slightly stealthier - so watch out, you canít say you havenít been warned.


Red Fighter


My favourite L2000 design. It just matches the mothís natural aggression. Thereís a bit of a surprise underneath as well.


This is one for all you undertakers out there. Itís got a certain ďsomething of the nightĒ about it. Ideal for prowling around lightwells.




This one is based on the same Kandinsky picture I used for the Hawk in my C20th Art set, but donít let that put you off...


Thereís a Hawk connection with this one as well. I thought I needed a camouflage Police design, so I based a design on my rather lurid Airbrushed Hawk.

Great White

Another new design for the ever popular L2000. This oneís got teeth on the inside as well!!


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