Captain Zedo’s Hardwar Community Site

Captain Zedo's is probably as near to an official Hardwar site as exists. It is  certainly definitive and covers all aspects of the game. Zedo has a large collection of skins submitted by other people - including some beta versions by Captain Kronos himself!

Captain Zedo’s Hardwar Bulletin Board

Captain Zedo’s Hardwar Board - Arborwood

Hardwar discussion boards covering a number of Hardwar related issues - posts from Captain Kronos can usually be found on the former, in The Flyer’s Retreat.

Hardwar Info

A general site, which includes skins for the rest of the game - not just moths - if you fancy a redesigned hangar, or want to turn the craters into green and pleasant lands, this is the place for you.

Vin’s Software Shack

Lots of skins - including some odd ones - a FedEx Police Moth, anyone? Also desktop themes and more, for those who never want to leave Titan.

Hardwar FAQ

A very useful text only page from timski. Lots of information and very quick to download it all for reference. Especially useful are Timski’s excellent maps and interactive navigation terminal.

Muneer Ilyas Site

The “Police Fix” patch can be downloaded from here. Sorry I couldn’t give you the exact location - I do so hate frames!

Hardwar Moth Viewer

The essential skinning tool.

Hardwar Font

For authentic Mis-Op word-processing.

Home of the Underdogs

A great site for abandonware games and where I first found Hardwar.

Hardwar 2 Project

Crude Software are working on a Hardwar sequel - bring it on!

Polaris Translation

Another Tenth Muse site. If you need Russian, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish translating into English, this is the site for you. If you don’t need translation, it’s got Java Tetris.

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