I really canít decide whether I like the Hawk. Itís a solid moth, and weíve all had one. Perhaps, itís just a little common. Whatever you think about that, weíve certainly got some rather uncommon paint-jobs for it.




A clean, but menacing design, subtly adorned with my trademark shark-teeth.


The ultimate Hawk pimp rig. Yeah, I shouldíve added the shark teeth, but that would just be too much. Too much beaucoup.




This is a new design. It might look flashy here, but on Titan, youíll be surprised how well it blends in. The pattern for the discerning scavenger.


A classic. Bare metal adorned merely with the Hawk logo. For those who mean business and donít need to advertise.




This is my first Hawk design. It might not be as flash as some but this design truly boasts everything. Flash and Camou in a single package - who could want more?


A design built for speed and aggression. I sell a lot of these paint jobs to the Soulblade family. I wonder what they do with them.


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