Tigers are (or should it be were?) really big cats. They lived on old Earth. They're extinct now, probably. I reckon the Neo Tiger ought to go the same way - gimme a Swallow any Hardwar Day. But that's just my opinion. For all you inveterate Tiger drivers out there, weíve got plenty in stock, including some rather cool new designs...


Lizard King


This is quite fun - just remember fake scales give no protection against real lasers. I do so hate to lose customers.


An oldie, but goldie. Understated and simply adorned with the Chinese character for ďTigerĒ.



Red Metal

Another Classic Kronos design back by popular demand. Certainly not a design for keeping a low profile in.


A red metallic design, with the merest hint of chrome. Simple yet vulgar - a great combination.



Flying Tiger

A simple design with chrome trim. It certainly looks like it means business. Beware, this Tiger has teeth!


A dazzle-patterned moth, with the addition of the famous Flying Tigers markings. This one gave me the idea for my WW II sets.




This is one of my favourites from my older designs. Itís surprisingly tasteful when out and about.


This is based on a fish. I canít remember the last time they had those in reservoir. I wish Iíd given it teeth.


Dazzle Tiger


A return to my skinning roots with another dazzle pattern. Like most of my latest designs, this one doesnít included solar cells.


A new design thatís already proving quite popular. Itís based on the flag of an Old Earth Faction, just like the Japanese Tiger, but even showier!


... more NeoTigers


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