Make a Card Model of a Silver Y Moth

What you’ll need:

  • Either of the two patterns from this page.
  • A printer (preferably colour) capable of printing on light card.
  • 2 Sheets of light card (A4 or US Letter).
  • Scissors, craft knife, glue.
  • Felt pens, pencils, crayons, Adobe Photoshop etc. (optional).
  • Hardwar Moth Viewer (optional, but highly recommended).
  • Patience and nimble fingers.


    Download the pattern, unzip and load the two gifs into a paint package (or similar). If you’ve downloaded the blank pattern you may want to customise it now, or you could do it with coloured pencils or whatever later. Print out both gifs ensuring they’re both exactly the same size on the card. Unless you’re extremely dextrous each should fill most of a piece of A4 (US: Letter size). a resolution of about 90dpi should do that in most cases, but do check with Print Preview. Score along the white lines and where the tabs attach, then cut out the pieces, discarding the light gray bits. A steel ruler and craft knife are very useful for this.



    Assembly is fairly straightforward, though a little tricky in places. Here’s some points to bear in mind:

  • None of the yellow tabs should be visible in the completed model.
  • The final assembly of the fuselage is tricky, especially around the nose. Because of this, there is an excess amount of front canopy. This should give you a bit of slack to play with. It should be trimmed.
  • Before attaching the “Top Box” to the fuselage, the fuselage top behind the canopy should be trimmed so it doesn’t overhang the sides.
  • The Solar Panel Supports should be folded into “H” shapes and the solar panels attached about a third of the way back along the “Top Box”.
  • The bottom sides of the wings are the ones with tabs.
  • If in doubt, look at the “real” Silver Y using the Hardwar Moth Viewer.
  • Building the model took longer than expected for both me and a friend, so have patience and think back to those long hours at the kitchen table with an Airfix biplane, trying to get all the struts in the right place.






    (74 Kb)



    (377 Kb)


    I hope you enjoy building your model Y as much as I did. As ever, if you have any comments, suggestions, ideas or files, don’t hesitate to email me.

    P.S. I just wish I still had my Lego with me because that would be ideal for building Hardwar models.

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