Iíve never been a fan of the Moon Moth. I like something with a greater rate of energy addition - or more power, if Iím going to get technical. The Moon Moth has itís fans though, and not only as a taxi, so Iíve added a couple of new designs aimed more at the ďmulti-roleĒ Moon driver.



NYC Taxi

A new, combat orientated Moon Moth design. Itís designed to be good camouflage for the sort of twilight skulking Moon drivers tend to indulge in - hence the bat and moon motif.


One of my classic 20th Century retro-stylings. This certainly shouldnít look out of place on any of Mis-Op's taxi ranks.




My first ever Bridget Riley inspired design. This classic has all it takes to attract, repulse, or induce nausea in taxi customers.


My standard taxi design. A contemporary classic with the added benefit of an easy-wipeTM passenger seat.


Blue Moon

Another new, combat-orientated Moon Moth. This oneís got shark-teeth as well - what more could you want?


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