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The Pilotís Guide is now online. I hope it offers some tips and tricks to new and experienced Hardwar players alike. Itís in three sections and gives The Captainís fractured take on the BasicsFlight (including combat, of course) and Commerce. Itís a wholly new thing for me to do something Hardwar which doesnít have anything to do with skins.



Of course, all the Skins are still here, including my themed sets, along with the Skinning 101 guide giving information on skinning moths for yourself and downloadable skinning packs to make it even easier. Thereís a bit of fun with a downloadable plan for a Silver Y Model you can make from card. Thereís also a slightly updated Links section. I hope you enjoy your visit, and please email me if you have any comments or suggestions.


Last Update:
February 2, 2004.
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The Marilyn Police Moth from my Twentieth Century Art collection.


My Metallic NeoTiger design - one of twelve individual Neotiger designs available - thereís another three more in the sets.


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Coming Soon...

Soon, I hope to have updated my Skinning 101 guide with a new skinning pack or two linked to a couple of skin sets Iím working on. They should be metallic and mean, though no preview is yet available. Watch this space.



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